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Social Media & Search Analysis

Market Research Services

Digital traffic can tell us a lot about what people are willing to buy, spend time on, or connect with.

At Bell Kennedy we utilise some sophisticated software that allows us a detailed picture of the online behaviour of consumers.

Most organisations have some sort of connection with the digital space – google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Even if you don’t have a direct connection with the online world the truth is that anything that consumes a large portion of people’s time is relevant to all of us.

By tracking what people do online, we can gather very important behavioural data about what interests them and what may be shaping their expectations of the benefits they wish to buy.

We must always remember, people buy benefits, not products or services, these are just the delivery mechanisms for the benefit they want. This is never more true than it is now, we can all be disrupted by a new model that delivers the same benefit at less cost or a superior benefit. Uber anyone?

So, monitoring online behaviour allows us to determine the macro dynamics of benefits and expectation and the micro dynamics of the connection with the organisations that current deliver them.

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