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Market Research Services

The best type of communication that promotes you brand is credible, compelling and preferably not paid for!

This is the domain of PR or Public Relations. PR’s role is to turn your brand messages into news that media owners would be interested in representing to their audience.

The challenging part in all of this is having a newsworthy message that fits with your audience and the audience of the media.

One of the ways to uncover a compelling and relevant message is to use market research to survey your target market to deeply understand their situation, motivation, behaviours, attitudes and perceptions.

In performing this sort of research, you can usually find interesting or surprising facts that may not be well known.
Ideally, if surveying in Australia, the market research would have a sample of at least 500 people, well screened and validated.

One of the best ways to structure the research design is to hypothesise, usually based on anecdotal evidence, a series of interesting statements and then design the research to see if these can be validated.

Remember, the readers of your PR release are as time poor as you are, but they do have space in their media that they have to fill. If your content (and think of it as content that an audience would like to consume) is interesting and compelling enough and requires minimal adaptation to fit with their media, then you are in with a good chance.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk more about the role of Market Research for PR

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