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Packaging Evaluation

Market Research Services

We all like to think we are good at determining what is good design and what isn’t, what is a compelling message and what isn’t. Unfortunately, our own biases, or our organisations cultural biases, can blind us to the like and dislikes of our audience.


Does anyone remember iSnack 2.0?

The better step is to use Concept Market Research to test the packaging design, name and pack copy before you commit to production.

It’s the fence at the top of the cliff approach rather than the ambulance at the bottom.

A small investment, relative to the amount you will spend on packaging, can prevent re-do’s down the track, or worse the failure of the product.

The advantage of Concept Market Research is that you can test several versions of the packaging at the same time.

This allows not only the best pack to be selected but also creates the opportunity to borrow elements form each of the designs to formulate a fully optimised pack.

This approach does not need to slow you down. In most cases an organisation will want full buy-in from key stakeholders, but this is subjective and if we’re honest coloured by the political structure of your organisation.

Take the subjectivity out of this very important decision, arm yourself with the data, and you’ll be an iSnack 2.0 free marketer!

Get in touch if you’d like to talk more about the role of Market Research for superior packaging design.

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