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Employee Engagement Surveys

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Having a productive organisational culture is important, very important.

In recent decades there has been a lot written about this subject, and a lot of effort has gone into improving culture, morale or a sense of individual value.

There are essentially two challenges when it comes to understanding and improving the current organisational culture:


  1. That the members of the organisation are honest about how they feel.

  2. That those with decision-making power in the organisation take an unbiased view of the cultural data presented to them.

Let’s start with point 1.

If an organisation arranges its own engagement survey, promising anonymity, how likely is that an individual will be truly honest? No doubt the organisation has applied the survey in good faith and absolutely adheres to a policy of anonymity but there will always be a sense that possibly a person’s negative responses can be traced to them.

Obviously, this feeling, justified or not, is going to undermine the accuracy of the feedback.

Point 2:

Let’s the assume the data is accurate and that the summary of the data has not been biased by the person who has to present it to management. It is a truth that in some organisations an internal representation of the data will be more easily reframed than an external representation.


Consequently, If you really want the most objective view it is better to employ an external provider.

This does not need to be expensive. Our Employee Engagement Surveys have been refined and proved through use in different environments, so you get research designs that are proven to surface important, actionable issues.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk more about Employee Engagement Surveys and be surprised at how cost-effective this can be.

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