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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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The best customer satisfaction surveys are short, generative and conversational.

Having a conversation about how satisfied you feel with any relationship is not easy. Have you tried this with someone you care about?  It takes restraint, tack and empathy.

It’s easy to do if you are angry, then you’ll provide a free-flowing stream of feedback, not necessarily reflective of the total length of the relationship but a reasonable summary of how you feel at that moment.

That’s because anger falls into the three A’s of truth – Anger, Anonymity and Alcohol.

Let’s assume the three A’s are not in play and we want to get an accurate assessment of how satisfied our customers currently feel, what we could stop doing, and what we could start doing to improve the relationship.

The key mistake we see most organisations make is expecting too much from their customers. This means, expecting them to fill in multiple open-ended questions to express their views on the relationship.

Customers don’t want to do that, they don’t have time, and you agree probably not the only organisation that is seeking this feedback. Also, it can very much bias the response, someone who is unhappy will take the time to express their displeasure, this is definitely useful but as an overall picture may create a very negative view.

Alternatively, the survey can be designed as much more of a conversation between the organisation and the customer. We specialise in this with our Conversational User Interface, combined with one of our proven customer satisfaction survey designs to make the experience beneficial for both parties.

If you would like to chat about effective customer satisfaction surveys, please get in touch.

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