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Communication Evaluation

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For most organisations who engage in marketing, advertising is their greatest marketing expense and often the most unpredictable in terms of ROI.

Why is this?

The first problem is the world we now find ourselves in where attention has become a precious commodity and social media platforms are strip-mining it.

Getting the attention of consumers is now much more difficult than it once was. Walk down the street and see how many people are glued to their smartphones and are oblivious to all around them.

This makes evaluating advertising or any form of consumer-focused communication more important than it ever has been.

Everyday we at BK are horrified by the number of ads that don’t pass the glance test – if someone glanced at this ad would they even know who the advertiser was let alone the benefit they are trying to communicate?

Don’t fall into this trap. Don’t blindly believe that your target market is going to invest the time to decipher your advertising, they aren’t. If they notice it, they will invest a second or two and then turn their attention to something else.

We have methods to replicate real-world conditions to test advertising effectiveness. Flash tests, reeling-up with competitive ads, tests that bring your ads out of the agency boardroom and into the dog-eat-dog world of attention-getting.

The investment in checking the impact of your communication prior to investing in expensive production and media is a tiny fraction of your advertising spend.

Look before you leap…by checking if others will look. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss.

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