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The 5 Most Enduring Marketing Myths


22 May 2018

Let's blow a few things up.

It's unfortunate to say, but marketing is built on some shaky foundations. Let's do some demolition so that we can create space for some better fundamentals.

Myth 1 - Consumers intellectually evaluate messages – they don’t. They are distracted and they do not want to commit mental energy to evaluating your offer. They are going to make a 2 second judgement using your most obvious attributes. Humans judge books by covers, that’s it.

Myth 2 - More is better. It’s been proven in many scientific studies that too many options reduces consumer engagement, it’s not hypothesis, it’s a fact.

Myth 3 - Consumers want to connect with brands on social media – they don’t. The problem with this statement is the word connection. People who like brand pages do so for three reasons – because they actually do like you (which is not connection), to get something or because they are just a person who likes to like things.

Myth 4 – You know your consumer. If you know your consumer you should be able to predict their behaviour. In performing over 100 research projects we have not seen one case where the known consumer’s behaviour could be predicted.

Myth 5 – Brand Awareness and Purchase Behaviour are related. Awareness and Purchase are correlated but they are not causal. Brand Relevance and Purchase Behaviour is a causal relationship and infinitely more important than awareness.

If you’d like to talk more about Brand Relevance, one of our hobby horses, please get in touch.

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